Training AI

Session 2

AI Session 2: Training day! Let's Draw!

For AI to work, it's neural network need to be train, vaguely similar to our own brains .

In session one, we engaged with an AI that understands word association. Today we will interact with AI's that have been trained to understand what we are drawing.

How many minutes did you get into the deep dive video, before your brain started wobbling like jelly? [At the bottom of the this page]

This AI demo will stop co-drawing, when your picture matches the model. Good luck.

Google has developed a massive library of Doodles (50 million). Help add to the library by training the AI with your doodles.

Deep dive:

Training your neural network

Watch this video for a deep drive. There is no way you can take in, or understand all the information, so pause when your brain tells you to.

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