Get Minecraft for Education & Info about uploading for our lockdown challenges - Entries Please email Mrs Stoodley

August 24th - Level 4 - Lockdown Challenge Two - Till the end of Lockdown, or further notice

Minecraft Build Challenge

International Theme

Pick a country, it is up to you to decide what and how to tell us about your chosen country through your build. Some ideas are:

  • Make their flag

  • Build a map of the country (maybe pixel art style)

  • Recreate famous buildings from this country

  • Make a nature reserve. What is the landscape/terrian like? What animals live there?

  • Is there a celebration special to that country? Think of Dia de los Merutos (some of you will have done this in art with Mr Williams) or 4th July

  • Is there a housing style that is specific to their country/region?

Pick an idea to start with, and add to your world with other ideas as lockdown continues.

Add information about your country/landmarks etc using NPCs, signs books or portfolios. Email Mrs Stoodley if you need help with this

Keep an eye on the Distance Learning Portal to find out when this build challenge will close.

*Open to Otumoetai Intermediate Students only

Yes: You can use other versions of Minecraft e.g. XBOX , iPad or PC Java edition etc...

Sign into Minecraft for Education using your school email address and password (the one we gave you).

Record or take a picture

How to do a screenshot or video on a Windows or Chromebook device.

Share videos via Google Drive.

Vote: for your favourite Minecraft

Winner/results will be