AI Session 3
Meet Kuki

Kuki - Chatbot

Go ahead and introduce yourself to Kuki.

Your challenge is to stump Kuki.

Remember to be polite, and never rude.

What type of questions would you use if you were using the Turing test?

Can you prove that Kuki is not a human?

Kuki is fairly clever, but I'm sure that you can think of some questions she would struggle to answer.

Can you find any Turing test questions online?

How could you perform a valid Turing test in quarantine?

Screen print any gold standard replies from Kuki.

Mr Stoodley will create an upload form later in the afternoon.

If Kuki's Chat Now button, does not appear on the left, click on the button below to go to the site.

How quickly can you stump Kuki, or prove that she is not human?

The Turing test might help ⬇️

Note: Google is positioned to replace Kuki at number one.