Check the quality of your school WiFi connection.

If you are having connection issues:

  1. Restart your device... or

  2. Disable WiFi and then turn back on.

  3. Chromebooks Hold the refresh key and power key until the device shutdown, hold for a couple of seconds.Then turn the Chromebook back on.

  4. On a BYOD device - Try forgetting Student WiFi, and then rejoin (see below)

  5. Rejoin(remember PEAP not LEAP, and Certificate - Do not Check

If coming to see tech support for help

1. Check to see if you are connected to the closest AP. If not, disable your WiFi and then reconnect and check.

2. Do you have a strong healthy/strong signal? Do other users in the same room have healthy/strong signals?

3. We will want to know the IP of your device, and the AP you were trying to connect to. Meraki Check Up

When reporting any issues, it is helpful for us to know your IP and the Access Point that you were connect to.

  • Adding a Chromebook to Student WiFi

  • Choose PEAP not LEAP

  • Certificates - Do Not Check

  • ID - is your school username (not email address)

  • Password - is the one that we gave you.

  • Leave everything else blank.