Mob Generator

Please limit mobs to 20 - 30 per space, so we don't crash the game.

Minecraft for Education:
Free for Windows & Apple Computers

Download Minecraft Edu

Minecraft Education Edition is available free for Windows and Apple Mac computers, there is also an iPad version. https://education.minecraft.net/get-started/download/

Note: Download and use at your own risk.

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Classroom Build Challenge 2020

Classroom Build Challenge

Classroom Build Challenge

💻Site: Harvest Time

💻Site: Space Station

💻Site: Harvest Time

💻Site: Micro Models

Note: Lachlan, thanks for the feedback.

New Content: Microsoft has just made an education collection of worlds available free until June 30th

Note: The Space Station and Marine Biologist worlds seem to require the paid for version of Minecraft.

You likely need the paid for version of Minecraft to get this world.

This can be found in the Minecraft for

Education Library (in the game).

You likely need the paid for version of Minecraft to get this world.

Personal Minecraft Challenge:

Create a building that has automatic opening doors.
You should be able to enter a building or room without touching the doors.

Red Stone tutorial

This video is a few years old, but should be useful.

Playing Minecraft Edu with others:

"Multiplayer across different internet connections is possible as long as the criteria in this article is met. Keep in mind that every home network is different, so it's possible that some players may not be able to join a multiplayer session from their respective networks due to distinct configuration settings. Anti-virus and firewall applications may block access to multiplayer, so ensure you configure these programs to allow access to Minecraft: Education Edition."

Details below:

We haven't tested creating Minecraft servers, outside of our school network.
If you can't connect with others, that just means that you are Minecraft isolating as well. Stay safe.