Photoshop/Photopea challenge

Our Challenge: Create an original advertisement for a New Zealand branded product e.g. t-shirt, mask, cereal or can etc. See the rules below.

Dates to enter - 31st August to end of Lockdown Level 3, 5pm. The upload form is at the bottom of this page.

Inspiration, before you start reading the rules.

Back in 2017, Adobe ran a stock images Photoshop Competition. Competitors had to remix images into an original ad for

WolfBear Ginger Beer.

Entries needed to include the above stock images.

OIS Challenge rules

1. Use at least 13 or more provided images (layers).

You don't need to use an entire image (however it should be easy to identify 13 elements), for example you might just use the horns from the goat.

2. Include a minimum of four New Zealand native creatures (non-human).

An excellent resource could be Kimberley Collins' Flickr Account.
Kimberley's images are available as long as you attribute her. -
This can be done in the submission form.

3. Only use images that you are entitled to legally use. Creative Commons

- Photographs you have taken are fine (if you include other people, you need their permission).

- Creative commons images must be free to be remixed images

-Not all images need attribution, check first.

4. Note: Your image cannot depict violence, hate or anything of a sexual nature (keep it family friendly - G rated).

5. Entries will close on the last day of Lockdown Level 3 -
Files must be submitted by
5pm in JPEG Format.

6. Keep a copy of your edited .PSD file, in your Google Drive.

Download the Photoshop File (near the bottom of this page. It will take 1 - 3 minutes to download, depending on your internet speed). Once downloaded, go to and open the .psd (which will be in your downloads folder, unless you changed the location). Inside the file you will find around 24 layers.Delete or hide any layers that you don't want to use. You may use Photoshop, or another app that can open Photoshop files.

Find additional images

Before using free photo sharing sites for additional images.

Before you go searching for additional images to help build your masterpiece: All of the linked photo sharing sites (below) have lots of awesome images, however the sites are not specifically designed for children.

Just like anywhere on the internet:

1. Think about appropriate keywords

before you search.

2. Just keep scrolling

past the odd unhelpful image.

3. Close the Browser Window or click the back button

if you get any unexpected results.

Download the Photoshop File below: Photopea challenge 2021 v2.psdChromebook users: Mr Stoodley has tested opening the file on a 5 to 6 year old Chromebook.Save regularly, just to be safe. Use a mouse.

While editing, save before exiting Photopea.

Mr. Stoodley will create a page that contains several useful hints. Check back later.

Photoshop tutorials should be helpful.

Photopea Challenge Tutorial 2021

Just the basics.

Photopea Import to Layer

How to import a layer part 2.