Isolating Students - Five Day Plan

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  • We have provided a 5-day plan of suggested work for a student who is isolating at home while their class continues at school (Day 1 Plan to Day 5 Plan).

  • Each plan provides suggested daily reading, writing and maths work for students to undertake.

  • Students will complete the work in a school book (homework book or another school book) or on refill paper.

  • For maths, the work provided is at 2 different levels of difficulty (Level 3 is at year 7 level and Level 4 is at year 8 level). Students can choose to attempt one or both of the worksheets set on a given day.

  • Students may also choose to spread one day’s set work over more than one day. This is perfectly acceptable as students are encouraged to work at their own pace.

  • Once worksheets are completed, the students can mark their work by accessing the answer sheets provided in the Answer folder.

The type of work provided in the daily plans also allows parents to understand the work your child would be expected to be covering at this time of the year in class. This should enable you to search on the distance learning portal for similar work for your child to carry on with should they finish the worksheets provided.

Links to plan pages are below, otherwise go to the minimal plan page or see the drop down menu for plans and answer pages.

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