What is the purpose of this feedback page? [Collapsable]

This Distance Learning Portal has been developed rapidly in response to COVID19 epidemic, as a means to support students, teachers, and parents as we navigate our way down through lockdown level 4 to the lower levels.

Due to the speed of development, there might be some errors and possible broken links.The site has also been developed to scale to any device, however, we cannot test all screens and devices.

As you use the site, you might like to offer some constructive feedback on your experience, and you are welcome share via the forms below.The support section might help you solve some device based issues, otherwise, please contact your teacher directly if you have an urgent issue.

On this page, we may acknowledge specific resolved or unresolved issues, as time and other priorities allow.

Positive and constructive comments welcome.

How does Portal look on your screen? Can you navigate through the site easily?

Let us know if any links are broken. We manage student Youtube access, so may need to approve a video or channel.


Please note: We will not be able to respond to all responses, or to resolve all issues (particularly for users connecting with older devices). Thanks for your patience.

General Feedback

Nothing to report

Small Screens feedback

Waiting hear back in regards to user experience on smaller screens.

✔️ iPhone 6.1 inches Safari, latest OS

️iPhone 4
iPhone 5
Ipad 9.7

❌No negative feedback so far.

Issues Acknowledged and Fixed


Issues Acknowledged and unresolved