Home Helper & Extras

Learn a new skill and track your learning

  • What you did/learn
    each time

  • Video/take photos of
    your progress

  • Use

Start a home garden

Rock Our Future’ competition

Students are to design a final use for a quarry that has finished extracting rock.


  • Plan a meal

  • Cook's Helper


  • Muffins

  • Scones

Help with chores around the house

  • Dishes

  • Washing

  • Cleaning

  • Tidying

  • Lawns

  • Gardening

Check in with close family members, friends or other people in your community.

  • Phone

  • Video Chat (Facetime etc)

  • email

  • etc

Pick a project around the house to work on

Spring cleaning, build something, rearrange your room, etc.